A la petite galerie


José Luis Lopez Lara

Sabine Orlandini

For his return to the artistic scene in Lyon, José Luis Lopez Lara has chosen to present a series of watercolours entitled Intériorité . From this series, which began shortly before the confinement, emerges a deep sense of calm and appeasement, more than necessary in these tormented times. “Modest scraps of wood or miscellaneous objects gathered here and there form the main vocabulary of the scenographies. Combined in multiple ways, the objects are treated with realism and form improbable compositions that escape any narrative interpretation. With these paintings and watercolours, it is rather a question of sensations. Indeed, in these spaces soothed by light, time seems suspended and invites us to silence. Sabine Orlandini also presents a range of ceramics in the colours of the small gallery. My work is based on a search for pure forms where graphic expression is omnipresent. The functionality of my objects is neither immediate nor definitive. I like my objects to be used for a function that I had not thought of. My pieces are mounted to the plate. I use smooth or chamotte white earthenware, depending on the effects and textures I am looking for. I slip them in, mark them with oxide pencils and glaze them.


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