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Françoise Besson is pleased to invite Chantal Fontvieille for her fourth solo exhibition at the gallery :à travers which will be visible on the picture rails from April 4 to May 30, 2020, where you will discover a new series of targets, particularly archery targets, as well as a set of sculptures: target woods. …through…: I put in contact: the arrow through the target, the water through the impact, the light through the hole.the shooting is through but also an active process where the accidents of chance, the effects of the duration of the baths are played out. In this last work, the archery targets offer me by their blue, red and yellow circles their garish colours. Then all the space is given to the first and invisible element of this series: water. The CASTLES run through the material. WATER distributes rust and India ink through the impacts of the shot, on the front and back. All of these natural liquid materials are in harmony with the cardboard, devouring it to the point of reducing it to shreds…My series …through… tells a natural, unpredictable story that fascinates me (…)


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…à travers

chantal fontvieille