“Supporting emerging artists and promoting access to art for as many people as possible.”





Active since 2004 in Lyon and on the French and international scene, the Françoise Besson gallery defends and promotes emerging and confirmed artists. Particularly attached to defending painting and drawing without excluding other contemporary plastic practices (sculpture, photography, video, installations), the gallery organizes 6 to 7 solo and group exhibitions per year.


In 2019, the Françoise Besson Gallery celebrated its 15th anniversary with an exhibition event, L’œil & le cœur: an exceptional sale of a selection from the Françoise Besson collection (February 2019) retracing the history of the gallery and its collection and announcing a new cycle. The gallery is located in the historic Croix-Rousse district of Lyon, and since 2009 at its current address, rue de Crimée.


A graduate in law and art history, Françoise Besson has been involved for many years with artists and the public, in a desire to promote access to contemporary art for all. At the initiative of numerous cultural and educational projects, she also works with students at the EAC. Françoise Besson is also president of the Adele association, a contemporary art network in Lyon and the AURA region.


Active alongside companies and individuals wishing to start or continue a contemporary art collection, the gallery owner offers personalised support from the choice of work to the way it is hung.